Learn more about our features…

Once joining you will set up your profile and get started on learning how to purchase limited shoes, clothing and other items to help you profit! This will be done through exclusive information, low key sites/raffles and methods. We also run slots with our developer teams latest programme automatically entering your details to win shoes! We will then assist you on when, where and how is best to sell your purchase and make your profit! JOIN NOW!


The reselling of sneakers is a constant market, users can see up to 5 drops a week with profits varying from £30 to £1000+ per pair.


Supreme releases in two different seasons a year F/W & S/S both consisting of around 20 weekly drops. We have bot support and monitors ready for all our users.

Art & more…

We don't only offer information on sneakers & clothes, all our members receive early information and links to highly sought after items such as art from the likes of Banksy.

High Speed Monitors

We develop our own in house monitors which support over 200 sites from huge retailers to small independent boutiques! We also specialise in monitoring social media accounts to provide you with the best possible chance to enter flash raffles.

Friendly Community

In the unlikely event that our support team is offline, there are plenty of other members with plenty of experience who will be happy to assist you with your needs.

Group Buys

Exclusive access to some of the most limited bots and providers that the market offers via limited group buys.

Multi Region Support

We are a group based out of the UK, but we don't stop there, we offer support for all regions worldwide to provide support regardless of where you are based.

Release Guidance

We support our members by offering full guidance on releases, we will support all major drops and also very lowkey drops. On release you can expect to receive site lists, early links, checkout links and potential jigs. We will provide you support when it comes to reselling your items also such as where and when to sell