Learn more about our features…

You will be provided with an array of tools to push you through every release which will be combined with many different methods and techniques to help you cop items! We will help you from securing releases through to selling where you will be provided with information on where, when and how to sell and maximise your profits based off our own in-house market research


Sneaker reselling is a huge market fueled by enormous demand and underpinned by continuous, sought after and limited releases! Users can take advantage of multiple drops every week with profits hitting upwards of £1000 per pair!


Perhaps one of the original driving forces in the reselling community: Supreme! Supreme releases EVERY week during their release seasons; both F/W and S/S. With around 20 weekly Supreme drops, members can secure the most hyped items and make £100s every single week!

Art & more…

We don't only provide information on the typical releases and drops for our members! More low-key flips can profit our members £1000s each month and let our members benefit from exclusive information, keeping them ahead of the reselling market! These flips can range from Banksy pieces to items in seasonal demand!

Lightning Fast and Industry Leading Monitors

Tired of missing restocks? Our in-house monitors, supported by our own developers, ensure members never miss any restocks or flash raffles and receive direct notifications from our monitors! Our custom monitors support over 200 sites ranging from huge retailers to social media accounts!

Active and Friendly Community

Our community of members stands at the core of our Discord! Whether this be members sharing their experience with one another or having a late night conversation about their day; our community has grown and developed to provide an active area for users to make connections and stay up to date!

Bot Slots and Bot Support

Alongside our bot-support and release set-up guidance, we provide our members with bot-slots to help secure the releases! Members simply have their details run for them by our bot-support team on release day and watch the checkouts come in at no effort!

Multi Region Support

We are a group based out of the UK, but we don't stop there! We provide support for all regions worldwide and ensure that our members never miss a release!

Release Guidance

Members are provided with full guidance for every release, whether this be a major drop or more low-key! Ranging from site lists and early links to stock numbers and exclusive information; members are ahead of the game and benefit from the best and most reliable information available!

Market Analysis and Selling

We provide our members with guidance on where, when and how to sell their items; this can be mean the difference between making that extra bit of profit! Our team experts notify our members of the best options for selling across every single drop! Some shoes might be most profitable being sold immediately or some may be most profitable sold at a later date! Through combining years of experience and market research, we are able to provide our members with the most reliable and accurate information regarding this.