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Secure access to our exclusive reselling group with your membership! With over £7,500,000+ made by members in profit, the time has never been better to build the foundations of a business and earning the better quality of life you deserve. Whether you’re on the couch, or on the move, have direct access to our information wherever you are with push notifications right to your device!

You can never lose with ccn.

All our suggested products come from major retailers, this gives you full security that every item is fully refundable and 100% risk free.

As Seen On

£750 Profit in the 1st Week!
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Joined back in April 2020, with the complete wrong attitude. Lazy, wasn't willing to learn & overwhelmed. I joined again on Tuesday 18th January, and upon writing this review have made over £750 profit and become part of an awesome community. Takes a good couple of days to learn and get comfortable (unless you already use Discord). Filled with lots of knowledge people (staff and members), loads of guides, notifications when hot products drop, and they practically spoon feed you the right products to go for. I had a question about some of the terms used on there, and upon requesting help had a staff member get in touch before I had even typed out my message. Couldn't rate it highly enough!
Nathan Griffiths
£2k In 2 Months
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Been with the group a couple of months and made a decent amount of money just working from my phone/laptop. Won loads of shoe raffles (yeezys/dunks/jordans etc.) and not used any bots just been quick to react with the notifications they sent and registered for all the raffles. Good at finding in-demand items to sell on for good profit as well (weights/consoles etc) always got something new. Was new to reselling before joining ccn but wouldn't have made the money without the info from the group. The £30 sign up fee is nothing to the profits involved, takes a bit of time to get used to the server but once you get used to it it's simple
10 Months in and have earned half my annual income
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I've had CCN for 10 months now and learned how to sell items with lots of support from the group. From the founders down to everyday users like myself. The earnings I've made are equal to half my annual income and couldn't of been easier to do. The group inform you of what to sell, where to sell it, restocks, and the kind of price to look for. As the group is an informative platform, it's your decision what to buy and how much to spend which is briliant. I started with a £30 product and have scaled my capital up to have lots of things going at once now.
Lee Allen
Wasn't expecting the results I got
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I Joined up after seeing an offer for £24.99 for the first month and thought that if it wasn't any good I wouldn't renew. A month on after over £1,000 profit that was all risk free it is safe to say that I am keeping my membership. The discord is great, everyone is friendly and helpful, New products are being added all the time. I don't usually do reviews but with this I think everyone should know how good it is.
Darren Scott
Information being shared is spot on!
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Been a member for almost 10 months now and it has been great. The level of information that is being shared has improved massively. In end you still have to put in the work yourself, it doesn't come out of nowhere. But the information that is being shared is spot on! Would definitely recommend joining if you are looking for a second income and willing to put in some effort yourself.
Josh Allan
Joined CCN for just over a month now
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Have made many discord friends and contacts that I believe I will be in contact with until my reselling era ends! The staff are fantastic, patient and overall really nice and down to earth people. I had my doubts at first and never usually look into groups like this however CCN has massively exceeded my expectations and I believe I will be a member for a long long time now.
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I JUST HIT 20K ON EBAY!!! Thanks to CCN and their reselling wisdom I have been able to master eBay and today alone I have managed to sell 5 Xbox series X’s !!! I joined CCN back in November 2020 after I was not able to work due to fracturing my elbow really badly, I was put on sick pay ( £100 a week ) and it obviously wasn’t enough so I started reselling! I actually don’t know what I would have done or where I would be right now if it wasn’t for CCN as I really did not want to go back to my old job at a boring old warehouse and thankfully I didn’t have too! Yes it started of slowly but recently I’ve been making a monthly wage in a week and I’m loving it
I never knew I was going to earn crazy money like this
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Let me be honest, when I joined I never knew I was going to earn crazy money like this. The entire reason why I joined was to pay a tax bill off and that was it. But overtime I just kept making profit each week till the point i made £10k+ profit since November it’s crazy . CCN has changed my life not going to lie, house deposit, paid car off and finally invested some profits for the future. Such a genuine and helpful community in the discord especially staff when you need something resolving. Thanks again CCN.
G Costa
Can’t thank CCN enough
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Started at the end of last month and I’m probably going to turn this into a business as my store has got so many good reviews and products are flying from my garage, love the bot it helps a lot to source the right products can’t thank CCN enough for providing me with this service
Can't thank you guys enough. This is just the beginning!!
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To say that CCN has changed my life is a bold statement, but I am struggling to think of another service that can give you the knowledge to earn thousands of pounds each month in such a short space of time. CCN isn't just a restock monitor. It is a community packed with experts who tell you what to buy, when to buy it , how much to sell it for and guides on how to sell. I knew nothing 4 months ago and now I'm literally paying for my family to go on holidays with profits I have made. My sales aren't a flex, it's to show people what is possible in 3 months with CCNs help. Can't thank you guys enough. This is just the beginning!!
Much much more profit to come with CCN
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Never did i think a week after my 18th birthday i’d own a 1 series, all made happen by CCN. Joined late january and made just over 2.5k in profit and counting, topping off my savings. Much much more profit to come with CCN and will definitely be sticking around for a while