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Honesty time. I joined on a whim because I’ve been bored as hell doing A-Level work and not much else for like a year. I was apprehensive knowing that it’s usually a largely male dominated community. I needn’t have been, the people here are incredible, the staff are amazing. For the ladies, there’s a separate chat where we all support each other. Seriously, for the amount of money you probably spend on takeaways a month, you could turn it into a lot lot more. I don’t dedicate a huge amount of time to it, but I’ve made easily a few thousand in profit in a couple of months. It is an absolute pleasure to be cooking in the same kitchen as some of these people. Beautiful community!


I JUST HIT 20K ON EBAY!!! Thanks to CCN and their reselling wisdom I have been able to master eBay and today alone I have managed to sell 5 Xbox series X’s !!! I joined CCN back in November 2020 after I was not able to work due to fracturing my elbow really badly, I was put on sick pay ( £100 a week ) and it obviously wasn’t enough so I started reselling! I actually don’t know what I would have done or where I would be right now if it wasn’t for CCN as I really did not want to go back to my old job at a boring old warehouse and thankfully I didn’t have too! Yes it started of slowly but recently I’ve been making a monthly wage in a week and I’m loving it


Let me be honest, when I joined I never knew I was going to earn crazy money like this. The entire reason why I joined was to pay a tax bill off and that was it. But overtime I just kept making profit each week till the point i made £10k+ profit since November it’s crazy . CCN has changed my life not going to lie, house deposit, paid car off and finally invested some profits for the future. Such a genuine and helpful community in the discord especially staff when you need something resolving. Thanks again CCN.


Started at the end of last month and I’m probably going to turn this into a business as my store has got so many good reviews and products are flying from my garage, love the bot it helps a lot to source the right products can’t thank CCN enough for providing me with this service


To say that CCN has changed my life is a bold statement, but I am struggling to think of another service that can give you the knowledge to earn thousands of pounds each month in such a short space of time. CCN isn’t just a restock monitor. It is a community packed with experts who tell you what to buy, when to buy it , how much to sell it for and guides on how to sell. I knew nothing 4 months ago and now I’m literally paying for my family to go on holidays with profits I have made. My sales aren’t a flex, it’s to show people what is possible in 3 months with CCNs help. Can’t thank you guys enough. This is just the beginning!!


Never did i think a week after my 18th birthday i’d own a 1 series, all made happen by CCN. Joined late January and made just over 2.5k in profit and counting, topping off my savings. Much much more profit to come with CCN and will definitely be sticking around for a while