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At CCN, you will make money by reselling products that are in insanely high demand with relatively low stock. An example of this is the recently released Playstation 5. The demand completely outweighed the stock forcing the resell price to rocket up to £700! The RRP for this item is £499. When you join CCN we will show you our exact methods on how our members were securing multiple orders! We will also show you how to sell all of these items too!

The items that we recommend to you are all from verified retailers! This means they must comply with the EU/UK regulations therefore, they must accept refunds for 14 days on all items suggested! The chance of this procedure having to happen is very low due to the products having huge demand and high resell price

The opportunity is endless! It totally depends on the the effort and resources available to you! Just one of our highest earning members has made over £60,000 in just 7 months!

We do not offer a refund policy on the service we offer. This is due the nature of our business offering a subscription model with instant access to our services.

All our notifications are sent directly to our users phone and other devices by push notifications. This is the same as receiving a text message.

Lots of members do this in their spare time, investing up to an hour an evening into this. It is totally down to personal preference, if you want to get the most out of CCN, effort, a willingness to learn and commitment is required.

To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel by using the ‘Membership Management’ channel on our discord server. If you are having any difficulties, please contact our Instagram page where an operator will help you.

Alternatively, to manually cancel, please find your original subscription email which will include a link to change payment details or cancel your subscription.