Member Spotlight

Here at CCN, we have a real range of people, from all different backgrounds and professions. We have pro athletes, business owners, salesmen and so on. However, we are all united through our entrepreneurial spirit. Today we focus on one of our oldest members, Dan, who works in ecommerce and runs a car detailing company. I caught up with Dan to discuss his recent success thanks to our tech here at Crep Chief Notify. 

So Dan, tell us, how much money did you make this month so far, thanks to our software? 

Hey, so I had a good month, all things considered lol, and made around £4000! 

Four thousand? Nice!

Yeah, we all kinda realised there was a huge demand for these hot tubs and people were just paying a flat rate for them on eBay since they were sold out online and we basically pounced on them soon as they came into stock online. 

Dan is one of our many members that doubled his salary this month through selling these hot tubs, many of our members have enjoyed four digit revenues this month and as this strange period looks certain to have an impact on our lives for the foreseeable future, we will continue to provide our members new ways to make money!

Please stay home and keep safe!

Crep Chief Notify.