Hot Tub Cash Machine

During these strange strange times, consumer habits change. Supply chains have been threatened and the most basic principles of supply and demand have once again become pertinent and noticeable. With our societal sense of consumer impatience comes impulsive purchasing and paying whatever price for something we want in haste. This is a salesman's dream and for our entrepreneurial members here at CCN, there is a gold mine. With people confined to barracks and in desperate need of home entertainment, has come the inflated price of Lazy Spa hot tubs. We are effectively buying high value, ballooning stock with 30 days free returns guaranteed. 

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Here at Crepe Chief Notify, we are committed to finding unique ways to make money. We are fascinated by the consumer nuances that cause £800 hot tubs to sell on ebay for £1300 hours later. This is what we do. Long time member, Dan Davies, has made £4000 this month off hot tubs and Nintendo switches alone, in his words “doubling his monthly salary!” 

In this strange time in which we are all sitting at home, it is the perfect time to start a side hustle. Why waste time with Netflix when you can simply open your laptop, follow our guidelines and have your own business. It really is that simple. 

Stay healthy, stay well and let's become successful!

Much love from the Crep Chief Notify Team,