Our Affiliate Program

Earn £5 for every new sign up and £5 for every month they renew.

We love to help you make money, and we don’t stop with our industry-leading platform and signals. You can also refer your friends or family, in fact, anyone for the ultimate win-win situation: They get access to a money-making service at an awesome price while you rack up affiliate commission that will keep adding up as long as they’re part of CCN!

About our program

How Does it Work?

  • Register here and get approved to join the program
  • Send the links to friends and family and have them sign up for their own CCN Subscription using your affiliate link
  • Choose your own commitment level

What will I earn?

Earn £5.00 commission for every NEW customer you refer as long as they’ve followed your affiliate link. Then you get £5.00 every time that customer renews their paid subscription to our platform.

There is no limit to the number of customers that can sign up through your affiliate link. The more you refer, the more you earn. The amount that you can earn is limitless!

Become an affiliate

How do I Sign Up?

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You will only be paid for a successful full money sign up via your affiliate link. We cannot add people afterwards and it is your responsibility to make sure your referrals use your link to sign up with.

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Nike Outlet Reselling

Add Nike Outlet Reselling to your membership and double your reselling.

+ £50.00one time payment

Nike Outlet Reselling

Add Nike Outlet Reselling to your membership

+ £50.00one time payment